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Home Improvement Tips

Living in the same space can become routine and all too familiar. Spicing things up around your space can refresh your outlook on your home, and on life in general! At Larabee Real Estate, we recommend that before you begin any project you have a vision of your end goal in mind.

Whether you are looking to list your home and make a change in your life, or are just looking for a fresh vibe in your same house, there are tons of things that you can do to improve the feel of your property.

Interior improvement ideas:

1) Installing Water-Saving Features: Water is a hot commodity these days, and the less water you use, the less-expensive your bill will be each month. Everything from water-conserving faucets to a two-button dual flush toilet can really make a difference at the end of each month.

2) A Simple Re-painting Job: This may be an under-rated concept, as picking the right color for the right room can really make the space feel bigger and new. There are even underlying psychological correlations between certain colors and your subconscious response. For example, a bright blue in the kitchen may curb your excessive appetite if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight. A deep purple or red in the bedroom may spice up your sex lives by increasing sex drive.

3) Organize Your Storage Space: Storage space can be limited in modern homes, and the longer you stay in one space, the more things your ultimately accumulate. Closet organizers and under the bed organizers can help you keep a tight inventory of your items, as well as free up crowded essential spaces.

4) Using Tax Refunds to Cover Major Remodel Costs: If you are looking to add an extra bathroom or bedroom, this is a major cost. If you claim these additions on your tax return, you can easily make a good amount back when you file your taxes. Improving your space doesn’t have to break the bank!

5) Give Your Carpets a Deep Clean: It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day surface cleaning of carpets and hardwood floors, but a deep cleaning may well be a worthwhile investment to freshen up your home. If your house is laid in tile or hardwood flooring, a grout cleaning or refinishing of the wood may be overdue.

Exterior Improvement Ideas:

1) Create and Outdoor Hangout Space: You could hang a white sheet, invest in a projector, and create an outdoor theater for your friends and family, or make/buy a fire pit to host S’more Sessions in the sanctity of your yard. There are countless possibilities!

2) Planting Fresh Flowers: A new landscape design may be out of your budget (although this would be the ultimate change of scenery), but planting a fresh bed of colorful flowers can add light and depth to your home. Be sure to take the climate type and durability into consideration when you make your purchases, as many tropical plants will wither and die in the Mediterranean climate of San Diego!

3) Re-finishing the Deck or Exterior Wood: Wood can take a beating from the sun and rain in most areas of the world, and re-upping the surfaces of your outside spaces can make your area seem brand-new without breaking the bank!

4) Vary Your Outdoor Light Sources: Accenting an outdoor tree or bush with a ground light can give your plants a haunting yet comforting feel, and can make your outdoor space feel more inviting. Installing a simple string of bulb lights can give you a soft party vibe, and will create the perfect backdrop to host get togethers with friends and families.

5) Installing Solar Panels: This is not a cheap investment, but the return of investment is DEFINITELY worth it in sunny San Diego. Your energy bill can be in the single digits within two years of installation! Also, you’d be contributing to the conservation of planet Earth, so that’s always a plus.

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